Good eats from the garden. We know, we know, gardens are made of soil, not dirt – but why so serious? Dirtbelly is a home-grown brand, with a heaping menu of seasonal superstars + farm-fresh style.

Made-from-scratch, in-house, our daily pickins’ menu is full of fresh tastes for garden gourmands. Try seasonal mix + match salads served up by the scoop & our baco – half bread, half taco – loaded with colourful ingredients + savoury flavours. Take your pick of our fun fruit and herbaceous Tealada’s, or nutrient packed fresh pressed juices. Sunny sips to-go, for tuned in tastebuds.

Embracing the changing seasons and lovin’ our local partners. We plant positivity, and the seeds for a healthy lifestyle. We keep the good things that come from the ground our focus, always.

Celebratin’ endless summer and the sweetness of garden candy. Dig in.

Check out the dirtbelly video for more.





What do you look for in a Franchise Partner?
We are looking for hard working individuals that have full time commitment, passion for our menu, great communication skills, and a desire to impress customers.
Do I need to have restaurant or retail experience?
While this is beneficial, it is not a prerequisite. If you have experience running a business with staffing needs, cash management, or have worked in a job with this experience, we have a training program that can assist you in learning all aspects of running our franchise.
Do I need to operate the store myself?
Yes, we require you to attend the intial training, work the business full time (40+ hours per week), and maintain our operating standards. Managers for each store are permitted for Franchise Partners that own more than one location.
How much does it cost to open the franchise?
Total start up costs for equipment, leasehold improvements (construction), development costs, and the franchise fee, is approximately $450,000. Upon meeting with our franchise development team, you will receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Documents that has ranges for all categories.
Do you offer financing?
No, we do not offer financing, but we can introduce you to banks that offer the Canadian Small Business Loan program. These banks are familiar with our company and can help fast-track your financing needs.
What influences pricing variances in start up costs?
The size of your location, what city your are in, economic climate, and variances for equipment, furniture, and signage. This is why we provide a range for each category.
What are the financial requirements to become a Franchise Partner?
You must have at least $150,000 of unencumbered capital. You must also be able to qualify for a Canadian Small Business Loan for approximately $200,000.
What will my annual sales and profits for the business?
We are restricted by various provincial franchise sales regulations from providing you with representations of sales or profits. We do not make any representations of what your sales and profits will be, but we do share with you the annual sales of other outlets in our system that are already in operation.
Where do stores get their products from for making the food?
We proudly work with local food distributors that deliver the food, packaging, and supplies, right to your store, several times per week, with attractive credit and payments terms.
Who finds the real estate location?
We have a team of real estate professionals that will help you source locations that are available in your area. Ultimately, we will approve the location and so will you, before we proceed with negotiating a lease.
Who negotiates the lease with the landlord?
We will negotiate the financials terms of the lease, and you will have an opportunity to approve the terms before proceeding.
Who builds the location and completes construction?
We work with several approved general contractors in each market. We gather quotes, and review with you before deciding which general contractor you will use, and at what price.
Where do we buy the equipment?
We have an approved equipment list that we outfit the store with. We also have approved equipment providers in each market. They will provide the equipment you require, at a negotiated price that favours our Franchise Partners.
Who designs the location?
Our design team works with the landlord, architects, and engineers, to design a store that meets our standards and represents our brand to customers with a “best-in-class” approach.
Is the price of the franchise negotiable?
The cost of the franchise is based on the real cost to buy the equipment and build the store. The cost of the business is not negotiable, but you can negotiate the cost of construction with the general contractor. You will pay the cost of construction and equipment directly to the companies that provide the service. If there is a dollar to save, it goes into your pocket.
Is there a cost to training?
The cost of training is included in the franchise fee. There may be additional costs for travel, accommodation and meals, these are not included in your franchise fee.
How long is training?
Training is 2 weeks in Calgary at our head office, in the store, serving customers, and learning our products and system. Our Store Opening Specialists also come out to your business for the first week to help set up the store, train staff, and develop customer service.
What ongoing support do you offer?
Head Office staff periodically visits your store to provide feedback on how to improve your business. We have strategies to help market your business in the local community, build catering revenue, and we provide feedback on quality, service, and cleanliness.
How long is the franchise agreement?
The franchise agreement matches the term of your lease, usually for 10 years, with renewal terms that would match any renewal on your lease.
What is the franchise fee?
There is a one-time franchise fee of $25,000 that is paid when you sign the franchise agreement. This helps pay for your access to the system, trademarks, training, and assistance with opening the business.
What is the royalty fee?
There is an ongoing royalty of 6% of gross sales, that is paid weekly. This helps pay for ongoing support and development of the brand by head office.
What is the advertising fee?
We do not have an advertising fund, so the advertising fee is 0% of sales. We do not believe advertising alone builds a strong business. A highly visible location, great service, and good food that people talk about – all build a strong business. We would rather have you put the money towards rent, and open in a premium location with high traffic. Not having an advertising fee also reduces your expenses to operate the business.
What does your company do for advertising?
Our company is very active on social media, and we offer strategies for you to become more visible in your local community where you can sample your products and promote your business. We encourage you to support local events and sample your products. We also have a great catering program that you can implement.
Who sets the prices and designs the menu?
Head office will design and develop the menu, and set the prices. Customers expect the same experience for pricing and menu offering at each location they visit.
How long does it take to find a location?
This is based on many factors including availability, competition, new real estate developments and economic conditions in each city.
How long does the construction process take?
Once a location is identified, and approved by all parties, it takes no less than 6 months before the store is opened. Actual construction takes 2-3 months, but there is a period beforehand that allows time for design, engineer stamps, landlord approval, city approval, and gathering quotes from general contractors.
How do I apply to become a Franchise Partner?
You can apply for upcoming franchise opportunities by completing the following application, by clicking here.
What does the franchise system include?

  1. Access to trademarks, recipes, and our operating system.
  2. Assistance with identifying a suitable location and lease negotiation.
  3. Access to our approved equipment and specifications.
  4. Design of the store including workflow and kitchen equipment.
  5. Assistance with construction costing and management.
  6. Training program, pre and post opening, 3 weeks total.
  7. Assistance training staff and setting up the store before opening.
  8. Ongoing feedback to improve your business.
  9. Managing contracts and vendors who provide products to the system.
  10. Ongoing improvements for the brand, menu, including research and development.
  11. Operations manuals, policies, procedures, and management systems.